The Perfect Green Smoothie


Green smoothies are a great way for vegans–or anyone, really– to obtain nutrients. Aside from their off-putting look, they’re one of the most delicious ways to enjoy your greens. Have one for breakfast, lunch (especially those who are tempted by buying fast food), or a mid-afternoon snack. If you want to have a green smoothie at night, great! But only if it’s a meal replacement. They’ve got lots of good stuff in them, but also sugar. The sugars would be better utilized in the morning when you are trying to wake up!

I know what you’re thinking–But, I don’t have time to make a green smoothie in the morning! Actually, you do. They only take about ten minutes. Still think you’re crunched for time? Prep them the night before. I’ve even gone as far as blending them the night prior and grabbing them on the go.

Trust me on this. You’ve got the time. ^_^

Here’s a chart I made to help you out. No need to crank out a recipe book or go to a grocery store. Use your imagination and what you’ve already got in your home.


“But It Tastes So Good” is the number one excuse I get from meat-eaters on why they do not want to switch to a vegetarian/vegan diet. I am not out there to make everyone vegan. I do, however, want to share what food does to your body and to the world around you. Let me show you that being good to yourself and to the earth can taste just as good, or better, than what you are already doing (both literally and figuratively).

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