How To Get A Dancer’s Body In Less Than 24hrs!

I want a dancer’s body.
I’ve heard the words from more than my own mouth.

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The sentiment is odd, for sure. Of course, we are really saying want to look like the dancers we watch, without actually being a dancer. But… wait, why don’t we want to be dancers?

I am not just referring to dance bodies either. Perhaps you admire body builders or figure skaters. Maybe you want a runner’s legs. Maybe you want a boxer’s arms. Perhaps the body you had in high school? Beach-body abs? A gymnast’s back?

To achieve these body types, wouldn’t it make most sense to become those things?

Literally.  Well, not literally. You don’t actually want to become a runner’s legs. But would you like to be a runner? If the answer is no, why?

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Recently, a friend told me she is taking circus classes.

Before you assume that she is running off to get a degree at some clown college (though, really, there’s nothing wrong with that), she’s learning how to do aerials such as aerial silks and aerial lyra. Primarily, she is learning for enjoyment. But since attending, she not only has gained a new passion, but has also seen her body change in ways she didn’t expect. She continually says that she feels empowered. And that empowerment is, likewise, weaving its way into other parts of her life.

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I don’t know why it has never occurred to me before, but if you want a dancer’s body, you’ve got to dance. If you want to have a runner’s legs, you’ve gotta run. If you want any sort of body, you have to put in the work. You have to train. Otherwise you are just a junior-higher wearing Etnies when you have no interest in skate boarding.

A dancer’s body is the result of dancing. But the cool thing is, if you dance, you, by default, will have a dancer’s body. It may not be your idealized body that you watched on screen, but you will be a dancer, and dancers have dancer’s bodies.

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Being a dancer is more than looking like one. It’s an all-body experience. It’s experiencing the movement and learning how to flex and flow.

Nevertheless, you don’t have to work to be a professional to do something. Back in junior high, our science teacher taught us that we are all scientists if we ask questions and attempt to find answers. And it was true! We might not have been very great scientists, but we were scientists nonetheless.

The same goes for dancing or running or swimming or any other active thing you could think of. When you do something, you become it. You don’t need to win a medal to be a runner. You don’t have to perform to be a dancer. You just have to run. You have to dance. You’ve gotta move. 

“But It Tastes So Good” is the number one excuse I get from meat-eaters on why they do not want to switch to a vegetarian/vegan diet. I am not out there to make everyone vegan. I do, however, want to share what food does to your body and to the world around you. Let me show you that being good to yourself and to the earth can taste just as good, or better, than what you are already doing (both literally and figuratively).